Bitcoin managed to surpass its historical peak and thrilled the entire crypto market. What’s next? Will it manage to go even further?

After three years, the crypto market finally returned to a Bitcoin (BTC) at its historical high of USD 19,800, exceeding the figures of 2017. However, not only the 2017 figure was left behind, Bitcoin’s flirtation with the historical high is different this time.

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Did Bitcoin manage to break the psychological barrier?

The price of the leading crypto managed to position itself above USD 19,000 last week. However, between Thursday and Friday, crypto collapsed and retreated to USD 16,500.

As we explained at the time, BTC’s historical high represents a significant psychological barrier. However, today Bitcoin flirted its way to the historical high.

Obviously the achievement has awakened the excitement of the crypto community on Twitter, and it’s no wonder. Jameson Lopp congratulated all those who managed to survive a full market cycle.

And, as expected, Anthony Pompliano also participated in the celebration and stated that „Bitcoin is really running at $20,000 this morning.

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Niall Ferguson proposes the crypto integration of Bitcoin into the U.S. financial system

Niall Ferguson, an economic historian, argued that the United States must find its own path to crypto adoption, according to Bloomberg.

Specifically, Ferguson issues these comments based on the advances of the digital yuan and the adoption of crypto in the wake of the pandemic. And, therefore, he said that Joe Biden, the U.S. president-elect, should consider Bitcoin as an alternative to a „Chinese-style digital dollar.

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Raoul Pal places 75% of its assets in crypto

Raoul Pal has invested 75% of its liquid assets in Bitcoin and Ethereum, in a 80/20 ratio, according to a Tweet.

As you can imagine, Pal’s perspective on the leading crypto is quite optimistic about its future.

„I have a sell order tomorrow to sell all my gold and climb up to buy BTC and ETH (80/20),“ wrote Pal yesterday on Twitter.

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European Central Bank turns its back on leading crypto

Christine Lagarde, president of the ECB, wrote an article on the possible introduction of a digital euro where she also discarded Bitcoin as a currency since it „does not fulfill the functions of money.

According to Lagarde, the digital euro could be important as a complement to cash. „A digital euro would also be an emblem of the ongoing process of European integration and would ultimately help unify Europe’s digital economies,“ the report said.

However, according to CoinTelegraph, during a panel called „Upgrading money to the digital age: introducing the digital euro“, it became clear that there is really no rush to digitise the euro.

In a few lines…

  • They managed to solve a crypto-riddle centered on Ethereum and obtain 7 ETH.
  • Tyler Winklevoss, a strong crypto advocate, told CNBC that „cash is junk.
  • With Bitcoin’s surge, other crypto like Ethereum and XRP are also in the green with increases of 9.56% and 8.59%, respectively.